We offer both Tap America and Qualtech and stock the SPECIAL SIZES too.

Hand Taps

Standard hand taps for routine internal threading in steel. All sizes, types and grades available.

Pipe Taps

For internal threading or re-threading NPT, NPTF, NPS or BSP, BST pipe.

Spiral Flute Taps

Use when threading materials that produce chips that are difficult to remove (such as aluminum).

Spiral Point Taps (Gun Tap)

Pushes, or “shoots”, chips ahead for faster threading in through holes.

Extension (Pulley & Nut)

When extra length is required. Pulley have standard tap shanks, Nut taps have reduced shanks.

Oversize Taps (+.005")

For use in threading holes where galvanized or other plated bolts will be used.