Cutters & Saws

If it mills, saws, slots, slits, bevels, or grooves steel we have got it.


For milling single angles (right or left hand) or double angles in steel.


For milling dovetails in steel and available in 45 or 60 degree angles.

Screw Slotting

Available in a wide variety of sizes for making shallow screw slots.


For making thin slots in steel and available plain, side-chip and staggered tooth.


For milling T-slots in steel.

Woodruff Keyseat (HSS)

For making Woodruff Key slots. Arbor type.

Corner Rounding

Arbor type corner rounding milling cutters available in right or left hand. Specifically designed to mill radii on various materials.

Milling (HSS)

Available in plain, side-milling or staggered tooth for milling slots in steel.