Cutting Tools

For milling concave or convex half-circles in steel.


The best approach is to check out our broaches.


Lots of choices with or without interchangeable pilots.


For chamfering, deburring and countersinking in a wide variety of materials, we have them all.

Cutters & Saws

If it mills, saws, slots, slits, bevels, or grooves steel we have got it.


We have all types including bridge reamers with hex, 1/2 and Morse Taper shanks.

Rotary Files

Also known as “burs” and “burrs”, ours are carbide and Made in USA.


We offer both Tap America and Qualtech and stock the SPECIAL SIZES too.

Taps & Dies (Sets & Accessories)

A wide variety of beautiful sets in cases with all necessary accessories included.

Tool Bits

Available in HSS, Cobalt and Carbide Tipped for your machining needs.


Available in both Mill America & Qualtech


Our dies are a cut above the rest. Round, hex and YES! even square. We’ve got ’em all.