Arbors & Adapters

We’ll hook you up.

End Mill Adapters

A wide variety of end mill holders are available to fit any milling machine.

Most popular:

Morse Taper Sleeves & Sockets

Use these to adapt or lengthen tools with Morse Taper shanks.

Most popular:

Saw Arbors

Hold that saw!

Most popular:

Shell Mill Adapters

Allows interchangeable use of a variety of larger end mill sizes with one holder. All styles available.

Most popular:

Shell Reamer Arbor

Used with shell reamers – Straight Shank or Morse Taper Shank. Slots in reamer engage lugs on arbor providing ample strength of drive.

Most popular:

Stub Mill Adapters

Stub milling arbors give you the rigidity and stability needed for those special milling projects. Supplied with four spacers.

Most popular: